Typology: Retail
Usage: Showroom
Location: Nisantasi,İstanbul
Brand/Client: Cekette
Involvement: Concept Design, Construction
Status: Completed, August 2022



The parabolic form describes a void that governs the circulation and whose boundaries we cannot understand.

Based on the composition of the circulation

The curve direction makes the space dynamic from the center to the outside and creates an amorphous interior perception. The discontinuous strips of stainless steel, suspended from ceiling to floor by steel ropes, are designed to lose the sense of space around us and to define the exhibition as a focal point. The ropes fixed to the ceiling and floor in the vertical plane draw attention to the ceiling from eye level and make the ceiling reliefs follow. While the shafts suspended at different heights descend without interrupting the light direction, it provides the categorization of textile products of different sizes.



In collaboration with Cekette, we explore design as social practice. We re-imagined the way we use left over materials and second-hand furnitures while designing Cekette’s showroom.

By repurposing leftovers denim fabrics from Cekette’s fabrication and waste metals from Around manufactures, the iconic Thonet Cesca chairs that Cekette has been using for years, transform into unique pieces with living traces.

Marcel Breuer’s best-known piece is the cantilever chair "Cesca", today manufactured by Thonet under the name "S 32”. Thonet's revolutionary use of tubular steel is crafted with bent wood and characteristic Viennese wickerwork.We reinterpreted the wicker pieces, which have been out of use after years, with patchwork denim fabric and perforated metal. While the CNC cut metal pattern is reminiscent of wicker, the denim fabric coating adds a soft touch, creating a lively trace that represents tradition and the future together.

As designers from different industries we wanted to highlight a problem that needs to be addressed by considering our consumption habits. Improving the patch-working and perforating technique, we aim to re-thinking our own materials based on the local resources, to change perceptions of waste and materials. The aim of collection is to keep improving the way we produce materials or building systems but if we don't change the way we consume those materials, we won't achieve sustainability in the construction world.

Material: Solid Wood, Tubular steel with  White Denim, Denim Patchwork and stainless steel mesh alternatives.

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