Shortlisted Designer

Meaning and Origin of: Ogata

Japanese : in the island of Kyūshū it is written with characters meaning ‘beginning’ and ‘direction’; this is the original form of the name, which is habitational, taken from Ogatagō in Bungo

Modern civilization: skyscrapers and cities, in essence our own ecosystem. Do we need to merely adjust, or perhaps, rethink and reimagine?

Man has been making things for himself since prehistoric times: the key moment in the development of humanity is when the man stood upright and gave his limbs new roles.

Thus commencement of work with hands represents the greatest milestone in the creation of humankind as we know it.

Our future, like good design, should be the result of a dialogue. When we establish a dialogue between the past and the future, we present different stories.

The proposed design Ogata shelving unit is considered as a system that combines with a plug-in system without the use of glue or any nails. Its story, which begins with the traditional techniques of Japanese cultural product, as the meaning of its name comes from, gives direction from the past to the future with dynamic and timeless details combined with futuristic curved lines.

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